About Carl

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Hi…I am Carl and I am 40 years old from India Goa.

I use to smoke a lot, at times 20 cigarettes a day and the really strong ones. It was difficult to let go during that time. I tried to stop but I would get back to smoking again. It had become so much that I started to get bleeding gums. Then I tried to reduce my cigarettes per day.

First 15 days to 18 cigarettes,

then next 15 days to 15 cigarettes,

then next 15 days to 12 cigarettes,

then next 15 days to 10 cigarettes,

then next 15 days to 8 cigarettes,

from here on every 15 days I reduce 1 cigarette at a time,

till it came to 1 cigarette a day I would use it through out the day. Smoke quarter every 4 hours.

Even thou I reduce my cigarette intake I was getting a powerful carving to smoke, tried my best to reduce so that my gum infection would heal on its own but it was bad enough.  I when to a dentist for a checkup and found out I needed cleaning of the gums which would require a small operation.

I was told it would be a small operation but it lasted for a two hour o so just praying when it will end. At the end with 8 stitches I would see my gums every morning for 12 days which scared me for life. I toke a decision of not touching a cigarette again and switch to vaping.

I hope you too get out of this habit and have a wonderful healthy life. Thanks for reading my posts and hope I was some help to you.