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If you are thinking of letting go of tradition cigarette or want to know about vapor mods or what is e cigarettes? and from where to buy them from, then you have come to the right place.

First, you need to ask yourself, what is cigarette? without the ‘e’ before it. Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causes many diseases, and reduces the health of smoker in general.

The day you quit smoking you will be craving to smoke and that’s when vapor mods will ease the unpleasant discomfort and help you quit tradition cigarettes. That’s what I have done to quit cigarette smoking and a strong mind set to quitting smoking.

I have been smoking for more the 15 years and even tried to let go many times but jump back again and again. I heard about e cigarettes and asked myself what is e cigarettes? so I searched the web to find some info. At that time e cigarette was out of my reach due to international payments and shipping cost. Then one day I got a new job, new bank account which could do international banking and with free shipping which helped me buy my first e cigarette.

It’s been 4 years now I have not touched a tradition cigarette and if I smell one I can’t stand the smell of it that’s how my body reacts to it. The changes you will notice after a year or two is your lips turn to pink and your gums too, smoke-free breath, also the index finger nail stained caused by tobacco tar will disappear after some time and yes most important you will feel good.

What is e cigarettes?,  what is e liquid?, what is in e juice?  pros and cons of e cigarettes?, e cigarette reviews?, e cigarettes and nicotine, what is the best e liquid on the market?, these are some of the questions you will ask if you are new to this gadget, I will explain each question in different posts in the future, for now, starting with What is e cigarettes?

There are many types of e cigarettes available online, for example, the picture shown are basic two e cigarette which is identical but given different terms. It could be at times difficult to understand.

What is e cigarettes? Basic E Cigarette

What is e cigarettes? Basic E Cigarette

In the picture a cartridge where a e liquid is stored, atomizer coil in a V shape metal tip where the tip of the V shape is dipped into the e liquid, when power is applied by sucking out air of the cartridge or cartomizer the V shape metal becomes red hot to heat the e liquid into vapor. The cartomizer is the combination of a cartridge and atomizer.

What is e cigarettes? Basic E Cigarettes ATOMIZER COIL

What is e cigarettes? Basic E Cigarettes ATOMIZER COIL

Knowing the different part of the e cigarettes is important to get the best out of your vapor mod requirement. Like you would want to know which battery is better (replaceable or not)?  or Whats the e liquid capacity? or Does it do mega vapor clouds? or should it be portable?.

The main parts of e cigarettes are the ATOMIZER COIL with the e liquid container and BATTERY with a metal/plastic body.

Atomizer Coil with silica wick or cotton or polyfill soaked e liquid are placed in different metal/plastic bodies call  Cartomizer, Clearomizer and Glassomizer,  they all do the same thing with different design and improvement in e liquid vaporizing. Choosing one from the above gives you a different result of vapor performance and also vary in maintenance of the e cigarette.

Batteries are placed in different metal/plastic bodies call MODS and APVS.

MODS are used in small powered e cigarettes which have a high-resistance atomizer coil to profound “throat hit”. The higher the resistance, the lower the amount of current used from the battery. Resistance is measured in ohms. MODS do not have variable voltage and variable wattage unless a modified variant.

APVS (ADVANCED PERSONAL VAPORIZERS) have variable voltage, variable wattage, atomizer coil ohms value reading, battery life information and most of the time have a LCD screen to show information. They are usually used in low-resistance atomizer coils which require a lot of battery power to produce mega vapor clouds.

If you are new to e cigarettes,  it is better to buy a kit instead of buying different parts of the e cigarettes separately. In my future post, I will be explaining in advance on every part of the e cigarettes and e liquids combine to help you decide which will work for you. For now, kick the butts and start vaping. Hope this post answered the question What is e cigarettes?

See you soon, don’t forget to get back, to check my future posts.

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If you have any comments or questions please post them below. Thank you for reading my post, hope I was of some help to you. See you soon.